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Category: Hematology

  • WBC; The soldiers of the body

    In this post, we will discuss subjects such as WBC Types, Leukocyte Origin and Development, Different WBC Concentrations in Blood, WBC Function, and WBC Lifespan. White blood cells[WBC] are also known as leukocytes. These are the body’s immune cells.The body’s defensive system is made up of mobile units called leukocytes. Types of White Blood cells…

  • 5 Little-Known Ways to Erythropoiesis.

    This article will cover the stages of erythropoiesis, the genesis of red blood cells[RBC’s] erythropoiesis regulation factors, and the clinical significance of reticulocytes. By use of the erythropoiesis process, the human body produces two million red blood cells[RBC’s] per second. Genesis of red blood cell [Erythrocytes]. ERYTHROPOESIS is described as the process of forming red…