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10 FAQs regarding FMGE that you should know.

Stay informed about the MCI Screening regulation 2002 and FMGL regulation dated on 18 Nov 2021 on our website.

The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination, sometimes referred to as the MCI screening test or FMGE.

The FMGE is conducted twice a year, in June and December, by the National Board of Examination in Medical Education [NBMES].


What is the Full Form FMGE?

Foreign medical graduate licensing exam.

When is the FMGE Exam held?

The FMGE test occurs twice a year, in June and December.

Do Indian students have to do FMGE?

Indeed, in accordance with the Gazette announcement dated November 18, 2021, and the Screening Test Regulation of 2002.In order to obtain a license to practice in India, you must pass an exam conducted by NBEMS or NMC.

Can someone obtain registration in India without taking the FMGE exam?


In India, can I become a doctor without passing the FMGE?

Foreign medical graduates who graduated from the following nations are eligible to practice medicine in India without having to pass the FMGE:

How challenging was the exam?

How many students pass the FMGE each year?

Yearly performance% of passing

What minimal requirements has NMC established for studying MBBS overseas?

If you were admitted after November 18, 2021, FMGL Regulations 2021 will apply to your case; if you were admitted before to this date, FMGL Regulations 2002 will apply.

What are the minimal mark requirements to pass the FMGE exam?

Does the NMC in India accept the BS COURSE?

This will only be a one-time exception applicable to these students.

Can FMGs from Ukraine continue their MBBS studies in countries other than India?

The Academic Mobility Program has been approved by the NMC, and as a temporary solution, the program will be extended to medical students who have returned from Ukraine. This waiver is only available to students who enrolled in an MBBS program prior to the implementation of the FMGL Regulation on November 18, 2021 .However, the degree may be awarded by the parent medical university.

Is there a deadline for passing the FMG exam?

Every FMG will need to finish their internship within ten years after starting at the foreign medical college in order to obtain a procedural qualification that is comparable to an MBBS in India.

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